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She looks to be an immaculate specimen, gleaming white marble against the black cloth on which she has been laid flat, her ovoid belly protruding into the air. Only a brief glimpse of a hand working to assess the figurine gives an inkling of her size 17 centimetres, to be exact. An off-camera voice asks: In the summer of , the discovery of this small marble woman excited the media the way attractive archaeological finds often do — first locally, and then internationally, often with a pinch of hyperbole. Her distinctive figure, with large breasts and thighs and sagging stomach, is believed to have represented age and wisdom — this is an elderly woman with community status. Multiple similar figurines have been found at the site. Many of her past projects have mined political events of the 20th century: The work begins with a series of numbers. These digits typed on to white cards represent the dig site marking system.

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Ancient Corinth is an important archaeological site, which has revealed many great finds. Once one of the most powerful cities of the Classical world, it came under Roman rule in BC. It is here that St. Paul preached to the people of Corinth in AD , and his experience later inspired him to write the New Testament books of the First Corinthians and Second Corinthians, among the most quoted books of the Bible. Today, amid the archaeological excavations, you can see the ruins of various buildings including temples, a forum, baths, and a basilica.

The most important monument in Ancient Corinth, the imposing Doric Temple of Apollo lies on a low hill and dominates the site.

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Etymology Apollo seated with lyre. Porphyry and marble, 2nd century AD. Farnese collection , Naples, Italy. The name Apollo—unlike the related older name Paean—is generally not found in the Linear B Mycenean Greek texts, although there is a possible attestation in the lacunose form ]pe-rjo-[ Linear B: Like other Greek deities, he had a number of others applied to him, reflecting the variety of roles, duties, and aspects ascribed to the god. However, while Apollo has a great number of appellations in Greek myth, only a few occur in Latin literature.

An etiology in the Homeric Hymns associated this with dolphins. Acesius was the epithet of Apollo worshipped in Elis , where he had a temple in the agora.

St. Apollo

At the time that Darwin’s On the Origin of Species was published, the earth was"scientifically” determined to be million years old. By , it was found to be 1. In , science firmly established that the earth was 3. Finally in , it was discovered that the earth is"really” 4. In these early studies the order of sedimentary rocks and structures were used to date geologic time periods and events in a relative way.

Apollo landing sites 16 and Spectral mapping and crater statistics reevaluated B. Bultel1, R. Metayer1, S.C. Werner1 Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics, University Oslo, Norway, @ Introduction: The approach of dating the surface of the Moon by.

Which age is correct? Sample was dated by five different sources with nineteen different results. Here is how one of those sources tried to spin the results. The 40K Ar ages are for No. Comparison of mineral and rock data demonstrates gas loss. The plagioclase for No. The concordance of He and Ar ages must be fortuitous.

The maximum age is equal to the Rb-Sr age, and the general pattern is compatible with the Sr results. Seven crystalline rock samples returned by Apollo 11 have been analyzed in detail by means of the 40Ar Ar dating technique. Potassium-argon ages, corrected for the effects of this loss, cluster relatively closely around the value of 3. Most of the vulcanism associated with the formation of the Mare Tranquillitatis presumably occurred around 3. A major cause of the escape of gas from lunar rock is probably the impact event which ejected the rock from its place of origin to its place of discovery.

Upper limits for the times at which these impact events occurred have been estimated.

Sanctuary of Apollo, Delphi

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Oct 04,  · The Project Apollo Archive made a massive update to its Flickr account Sunday, adding a trove of more than 8, photos taken during moon missions from to

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Apollo Lunar Landing Sites The specific locations of the first two Apollo landing sites were selected mainly for reasons related to safety and orbital timing and partly for political reasons. In later missions, scientific objectives became an increasingly important factor. To enable direct communications and maximize safety, all six piloted Apollo landing missions were on the continuously Earth-facing side of the Moon because the farside terrain was not well known and because there were no relay satellites to enable continuous contact for a far-side landing.

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Before Apollo, the state of the Moon was a subject of almost unlimited speculation. We now know that the Moon is made of rocky material that has been variously melted, erupted through volcanoes, and crushed by meteorite impacts. The Moon possesses a thick crust 60 km , a fairly uniform lithosphere km , and a partly liquid asthenosphere km ; a small iron core at the bottom of the asthenosphere is possible but unconfirmed.

Some rocks give hints for ancient magnetic fields although no planetary field exists today. The Moon is ancient and still preserves an early history the first billion years that must be common to all terrestrial planets. The extensive record of meteorite craters on the Moon, when calibrated using absolute ages of rock samples, provides a key for unravelling time scales for the geologic evolution of Mercury, Venus, and Mars based on their individual crater records.

Photogeologic interpretation of other planets is based largely on lessons learned from the Moon. Before Apollo, however, the origin of lunar impact craters was not fully understood and the origin of similar craters on Earth was highly debated. The youngest Moon rocks are virtually as old as the oldest Earth rocks. The earliest processes and events that probably affected both planetary bodies can now only be found on the Moon.

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Aerial imagery dating back to the early s, Topographic contour maps dating back to as early as , Written accounts of engineering studies from the earliest days of the United States, Europe and the Colonies with maps, plans and locations to accompany them and.

With its marble temple, splendid porticos, and a library, it was the imposing result of Octavian’s successful struggle to become the ‘first man’ in the Roman state. Like no other monument in Rome, the sanctuary of Apollo materializes the transition between the Roman Republic and Empire. Despite its critically important role in the religious and political history of the city, the archaeological remains of the sanctuary have never seen a full architectural and topographical documentation.

This project represents the first comprehensive documentation and examination of the material remains preserved at the site, as conducted during nine seasons of new data collection and fieldwork. The results of this fieldwork form the basis for a new understanding of the sanctuary’s architecture and structural history. Both architectural drawings and 3D reconstructions are fundamental aspects of the study, and they provide the key tools in assessing the site’s development and changing functions over the course of nearly seven centuries.

The detailed documentation now allows us to identify a series of successive construction phases dating from the Archaic to the Augustan period. New structural observations also force us to fundamentally rethink long-held assumptions about the topography of the Southwestern Palatine as well as its architecture and evolving functions. Contrary to current tenets, the sanctuary of Apollo was deeply embedded in the cultic functions of its site.

Thus, the Augustan sanctuary of Apollo now emerges as the latest stage in the century-long development of a sacred topography on the Southwestern Palatine. Architecture, site, and the development of a sacred topography” Dissertations available from ProQuest.

REVIEW: Marilyn Manson, O2 Apollo, Manchester, December 4

Geography[ edit ] The ruins of Didyma are located a short distance to the northwest of modern Didim in Aydin Province , Turkey , whose name is derived from the ruins. It sits on a headland that in antiquity formed the Posideium Peninsula, but which silt from the Meander River has since connected more thoroughly to the mainland. Bust of a marble kouros from the Sacred Way at Didyma, now in the British Museum , BC [4] Didy[4]was the largest and most significant sanctuary on the territory of the great classical city Miletus.

Along this route were ritual waystations, and statues of male and female members of the Branchidae family, as well as animal figures. Some of these statues, dating to the 6th century BC, are now in the British Museum , taken by the British archaeologist Charles Newton in the 19th century.

Excavation site of the Apollo 11 stones (photo: Jutta Vogel Stiftung) On the cave walls, belonging to the Later Stone Age period, rock paintings were discovered depicting white and red zigzags, two handprints, three geometric images, and traces of color.

Birnes Talks Aliens and Apollo 18 By Gregory Weinkauf There’s a new thriller out this weekend, concerning the 18th Apollo mission to the moon and the scary things which, in , allegedly occurred there , and there is some speculation on the part of its producers as to whether the footage is “real” or not. We’ll run with that. I’ve had a look at the trailer for Apollo 18 and, apart from its outer space setting, it features a montage of two lunkheads going crazy and yelling and smashing stuff.

Either this is a movie about a covert lunar landing gone horribly awry — or it’s a metaphor for what happens when you blindly pick a roommate off Craigslist. Birnes, who enthusiastically answered my questions as to whether or not there are really any nasty bugaboos wandering around on that big pretty orb in the sky where we humans fleetingly used to go but mysteriously don’t go anymore. Birnes proves immediately engaging, as this material falls well within his best-known field of expertise.

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