“Goodbye Saudi Arabia” – The story of an Expat after leaving the Kingdom

Resources This overview on living in Dubai provides introductory information on housing , tax, health, education, transport , and bureaucracy. In Dubai, your home is not so much your castle as your mini-palace. If you have the income, moving to Dubai and living the dream can mean moving into a sq. Should you have a hankering for plenty of glitz in your life, for example gold taps in multiple bathrooms, it can be arranged. There are approximately 2, villas available in Dubai, however not all as glamorous as those on the Palm. For those with more modest tastes, subtly decorated villas are also available, many of which are simple and spacious, all of which are air-conditioned. From Jumeira to the more remote but popular area of Mirdif, there are villas to suit all tastes and most budgets.

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WhatsApp A Saudi expat recently wrote his story about his life in Saudi Arabia and posted it online to which many users especially Saudi Expats reacted that this story has emotionally affected them and some of them expressed how closely they are related to this story. The expat expressed the struggle of being not officially recognized as the citizen of Saudi Arabia even after contributing half of his life in the Kingdom.

The hard truth is that they would ask you to pack up and leave the place at any time no matter whatever happens. The expat narrated his story saying his father came to the Kingdom some twenty-five years ago and after spending these years devoting his life completely for the Kingdom the option of packing up and leaving this place felt like an anvil hitting the pit of the stomach.

The writer said, after I came to know that soon we will have to leave this home I spent some of my days driving in my car and in deep conversation with my friends with overly sweetened tea and basically trying to soak the past as much as I could before be leaving the Kingdom. All I was waiting was to hear some pleasant news like our visa was cancelled so that we could stay here forever but the day came when my tickets were booked and all my luggage and essential items were packed in suitcases and cartons.

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This expat housing is like living in a small self-contained holiday village or prison, depending on your point of view. The better ones have multiple pools, restaurants, markets, and so on. Within the compounds the dress is Western, some going as far as banning any form of Saudi dress and certainly Saudis are not allowed on at all socially! Generally accommodation on Western compounds in KSA is of reasonable quality and quite spacious. Compound living is quite expensive compared to living off compound Anywhere from , to , SAR for a 3 bed villa or even more but most westerners choose this way of life due to freedom and security as well as the facilities.

I would not recommend living off-compound if you have a wife and children; at least within the compound they have relative freedom.

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November 25, Free Internet Access For UAE Expats As an expat it can be surprising how much your internet freedom is limited once you begin residing in a new country. Until Etisalat had a monopoly over the entire market, until DU was established to form an appropriately named duopoly. Unlike in other areas of the globe where competition is promoted, even if some companies do clearly have enormous advantages, The Telecom Regulatory Authority — which oversees all censorship in the UAE — simply writes the rules in favor of UAE telecommunications providers.

The error pages which pop up in place of restricted content state that the website in question has been found to not align with what is best for the nation.

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New dating app stirs debate in Indonesia Reuters Published — Monday 2 October Women shop for headscarves, or hijab, at a traditional retail market in Jakarta, Indonesia, in this May 5, file photo. Scrolling through dating websites a year ago, Indonesian app developer Lindu Pranayama realized there were a lot of married men looking for another wife — but few online services to meet their needs. Court officials could not provide figures of how many people in Indonesia are polygamous, but activists say cases of men giving false information to gain permission and manipulation of women are common.

The app has been downloaded over 10, times before it stopped registering new members following concerns of fake accounts were being set up, and men using the site without the knowledge of their first wives. A new version is set to be launched on Oct. The year-old dodged questions about whether he was using the app to look for another wife but said he continues to learn about polygamy, after he took on his second wife six years following his first marriage in The majority of the app users were men, but there were also about 4, women who have registered, the app developer said.

User Fasyiya said he will continue to refer to the app to learn how to juggle his two families.

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If you are an expat in UAE and looking for a serious relationship then we have few tips for you. Relationships are like plants. They need to be nurtured with love, care and understanding. Never consider a casual approach just because you are an expat temporarily living in Dubai. Those who take relationships for granted pay a heavy price for their casual approach.

UAE single expats happily married to their jobs Published: 1 August Expats seem to love their job more than their partners, as research shows that they are willing to delay their weddings in favour of boosting their career prospects.

Men also outnumber women by 3 to 1. Dubai and the rest of the United Arab Emirates have a much different political structure compare to most of Europe and North America. The religious primarily Muslim and political systems in Dubai means the laws are quite different from other countries around the globe. The rules may seem strict to expats, but the people are generally understanding that you may not be aware of what is acceptable.

If someone finds you to be in violation of any law, it is best to apologize and correct the issue immediately. If you cause a scene, things can get serious rather quickly.


Member Online 3 weeks ago year-old woman seeking men ; Single – never married Abu Dhabi dating, United Arab Emirates I’m a full time student I enjoy sports and outdoor activity’s like fishing and swimming. I guess I’m looking for a serious man that lives in a different country. I want to be able talk to them and compare our lifestyles Umarmalik55 Online 4 days ago year-old man seeking women ; Single – never married Abu Dhabi singles, United Arab Emirates Hi my name is umar malik i am simple honest and caring i am doing a security job in UAE i intrest in reading books shoppinng travelling watching movies etc my family live in kashmir pakistan.

United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi. Filipinos. Filipino expatriates in Abu Dhabi Join the Filipino expats network in Abu Dhabi and expand your social network! Expatriate health insurance in Abu Dhabi Free advice and quotation service to choose an expat health insurance in Abu Dhabi.

Each of the seven states is ruled by an Emir. With the second largest economy in the region, the United Arab Emirates struggles with its demographics. Native UAE citizens account for only ten percent of the population. Foreign nationals make up the rest. Unemployment is a major problem because, since the formation of the country, UAE citizens were only one percent of the private sector workforce. The UAE has certain fundamental strengths. While some say globalisation has made the world flat, geography still matters: Nationalization of the UAE society is a strategic pillar that enables citizens to harness the resources and fortunes of the country in their interest and the interest of all who contribute to the development of society.

The UAE society has always sought the good of humanity and not just its own interests. Since human resources are a major force behind development of a safe society, which has allowed the UAE to reach levels enjoyed by advanced countries in all aspects of life, whether in economic or social spheres, the time is now right for it to promote its national human resources.

There are also those who raise the issue of discrimination between citizens and expatriates in matters that affect state sovereignty with respect to the employment of its citizens. These detractors seem oblivious of the fact that this country has embraced around five million people and that this place has never shunned foreigners. The demographic composition of society is asymmetrical to the extent that situation cannot be tolerated any longer and has to be corrected in favor of citizens without removing the other side from the equation.

No society has faced a similar problem on this highly sensitive issue, i.

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Take My Junk Take My Junk is a private business that is run by a Canadian family who saw a need in the community to reduce waste and help lower income laborers and families by re-using unwanted items of furniture from residents leaving Dubai or the UAE. Take My Junk has re-used thousands of items from the rich to the poor.

If you have any unwanted items contact Take My Junk and these items will be put to good use. Sailability Dubai Offshore Sailing Club DOSC Sailability is committed to giving people with disabilities the opportunity to learn to sail and they offer a structured sailing program to students from special needs schools. Sailability activities are designed to introduce and encourage people to participate in sailing activities in a safe and supportive environment, with Bronze, Silver and Gold Certificates of Achievement to mark progress.

Senses Centre Providing opportunities for volunteers to participate and assist with various activities at Senses — including housekeeping activities, outings for the children, etc.

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When Nikki Aaron moved to Beijing six years ago, she fell head over heels for the city — but failed to find Mr Right. So at the ripe age of 30, I have given up on trying to find my Mr Right. In Beijing, even the most average Western men are able to attract pretty Chinese girls, who seem to be under the impression that they have all the style and sophistication of Daniel Craig.

As a result, the streets of the city are filled with smug-looking Western guys holding hands with their pint-sized Chinese princesses. After all, when a Chinese girl pouts, a million hearts melt; when I pout, I resemble a fish. So where does this leave the expat women? Gorging on crispy duck and splurging on pirated copies of Downton Abbey? However, unlike the majority of Western women living in China, who watch bitterly as the egos of below-average men swell from the admiring looks of Chinese girls, I took an altogether different approach and chose to date Chinese men instead.

Most Western women shy away from the prospect of having a Chinese boyfriend: To me, though, these obstacles seemed like things that would make a relationship more interesting. But then I always have had an unusual taste in men. Even as a teen, instead of practising my snogging technique on a poster of Nick from the Backstreet Boys, I would be daydreaming of Lister Craig Charles from Red Dwarf.

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Enjoy Dating Abu Dhabi Girls. We tried to cover the scene here as well as we could. This really is a very conservative city, if you come here right after your trip to Dubai you might be in for a shock.

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She makes a quick stop at a neighbouring apartment in Al Nahda and drops off her month-old daughter after hurriedly kissing her goodbye. Elsewhere, in Bur Dubai, Janet, 31, is more relaxed. She has just woken up, but her three-year-old son is all showered and dressed. The help at home has taken care of that, just as she has with his milk and breakfast.

The expat narrated his story saying his father came to the Kingdom some twenty-five years ago and after spending these years devoting his life completely for the Kingdom the option of packing up and leaving this place felt like an anvil hitting the pit of the stomach.

Abu Dhabi Schools Guide Many expats move to Abu Dhabi in search of the same tax-free wealth and less of the constant commercial frenzy found in nearby Dubai. Once a desert outpost dependent on pearling and palm gardening, the United Arab Emirates ‘ capital has grown tremendously in the last two decades and emerged as an attractive destination luring foreigners from around the globe. There are many work opportunities available in this oil-rich emirate, the largest of the United Arab Emirates.

Expats who are drawn to Dubai will find that the two emirates share many of the same characteristics, including a thriving expat community that greatly outnumbers the local population, a vibrant lifestyle with lots of opportunities for shopping and entertainment, and an extremely safe environment where crime and theft are rarities. That said, life in Abu Dhabi tends to unravel at a slower pace than in Dubai; and the city is often characterised as being more family-friendly and better suited for those looking to settle down and stay a while.

Not to mention, the UAE’s capital is less built-up and boasts broader patches of greenery. It’s important to start the enrolment process as early as possible. For those enjoying the single life, or who have yet to have children, relocating is simply a matter of negotiating the right kind of contract in the face of a rising cost of living, waiting for the appropriate paperwork to come through, and then embarking on the period of cultural adjustment that always comes attached to life abroad.

Expats living in Abu Dhabi will have to adapt to the stifling summer heat and the artificial air-conditioned cocoon in which the city enshrouds itself, in this desert emirate. Login or Register to read the full country page Living in Abu Dhabi? Are you living in Abu Dhabi? We are always looking for local “expat experts” to contribute to our Abu Dhabi guide and to answer forum questions for people moving or planning to move to Abu Dhabi.

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Meanwhile, the country is governed by conservative Islamic principles. But in a place as family-friendly as Qatar, living as a single woman can be an isolating experience. The piece includes interviews with four women who have lived in Qatar, Oman and the UAE, and covers accommodation options, dating, dress code, social life and career satisfaction. Though the women said that their overall experiences have been positive one, there are many pitfalls, including:

The biggest expat regrets about moving to France. Regrets, we’ve all had a few. And while we may not regret actually moving to France, we may look back and lament not doing things differently.

UAE court sentences British student to life for spying 21st November , 0 comments A United Arab Emirates court sentenced British student Matthew Hedges to life in jail on Wednesday after convicting him of spying, a family spokesperson said. Hedges, a year-old PhD student, was researching the UAE’s foreign and internal security policies after the Arab Spring revolutions of when he was detained at Dubai airport on May 5.

He was granted temporary release on October 29 but constantly monitored until Wednesday’s court hearing, only his third since his arrest. His wife Daniela Tejada, who had campaigned vigorously for his release, had said last month she could not allow herself to get too excited by his bail until he was fully free. She had previously expressed concern for his safety saying he was being held in solitary confinement at an undisclosed location with limited access to the British consulate and his family.

UAE attorney general Hamad al-Shamsi said earlier this month that Hedges was accused of “spying for a foreign country, jeopardising the military, political and economic security of the state”. Hedges has repeatedly denied the charges.

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