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What a beautiful view: Nudist beaches were never so crowded with stunning forms as in this year Welcome to the unique section of womans locker rooms! Here you will see everything that was hidden before! Watch the naked girls changing their clothes in front of you If girls only knew they are watched, they would, for sure, be dressed everywhere – be it in bathroom, shower, kitchen, or bedroom Want to glance up her skirt? Girls want you to do that, too You will provide credit card and personal information only to CCBill’s secure site.

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Role-playing games[ edit ] Albedo Anthropomorphics has had multiple role-playing game adaptations over the years. The current version, Albedo , is published by Sanguine Productions. Furry characters live in their own version of the real world circa the 15th century. A previous edition by Gold Rush Games was published in Based on the award-winning Mouse Guard comic book and graphic novel series by David Petersen. It uses a variation of the Burning Wheel system and features a world inhabited by mouses.

Here at Fantasy Feeder we either want to be fat or we want to fatten. We’re feeders and feedees obsessed with over endulging our huge bellies and fat bottoms, and we’re here to share stories, play online games and encourage each other to gain weight.

Doc Chaves, One of my secret fantasies is furries and being a character who has sex. I was wondering if you know anything about this and if you could give me some guidance on what to do. People who are into furries are sometimes called furry lifestylers and essentially are folks who gravitate toward animated, fictional characters or animals with human qualities and personalities.

Some do it for fun enjoyment reasons and others do it for similar reasons with an added sexual flavor. As with most aspects of human pleasure , diversity wins and people have identified sexual components to their furriness. People enjoy furries from a sexual perspective for a variety of reasons. Some like to keep things online and computerized, while others enjoy role-playing in animal suits made for arousal and to express their erotic urges sexually.

There are even furry erotic movies. Furry expression is a wonderful way to express creative fantasy urges in a safe and harmless manner. Another false belief is they enjoy actual sexual contact with animals, which is totally incorrect. I would encourage you to safely explore your desires and have some fun with this. There are also conventions such as Anthrocon in Pittsburgh and Califur in Southern California to meet people and find a sense of belonging and community.

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Sitemap About Copyright – Hello and welcome to our awesome website, dedicated to all kinds of X-rated comics, manga, hentai and adult games. Now, we know that you know that there are many websites with fairly similar content.

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Jun 9, FOSTA and other nonsense like the recent CLOUD Act which has been jammed into the craptastic omnibus-fund-the-govt-quick-nobody-is-looking-pack-it-full-of-things-that-our-corporate-masters-wish bill that recently passed. Its in there alongside a provision to shut down minor league baseball players trying to unionize and sue so they can’t be paid sub-minimum-wage and other useless cruft to the detriment of We The People is yet another bill that has a major effect on online discourse through liability.

Of course, there is boilerplate “well, it has to be known that they’re using your site to do bad things etc.. We’ve seen this notion used by scum all over the web to drive out competitors and other elements with fallacious law suits and bad DMCA claims, hoping to force a settlement for instance, but it is especially bad when one of the parties knows the other can’t handle the legal battle at all! Worse, with things like FOSTA many of the smaller sites know they can’t handle should one of these cases ever come up, so the sites themselves either shut down entirely or majorly change their allowed communication or content – a sad, frustrating state of affairs.

There have also been several dating sites shutting down or vastly changing their setup because of FOSTA liability and it seems like this furry site is just the most recent. FOSTA will drive the nasty stuff even further underground and will require even greater scrutiny of far more sites, not to mention use precedent to add more liability that will further strangle free speech. It has long been said that “children” and “terrorism” are backdoor passwords to the Constitution, whenever someone wants to bend the rules to quash certain activities or allow corporate or government invasive overreach – see the PATRIOT Act for a perfect example and that it was often used in ways not related to terrorism.

With FOSTA, now “sex trafficking” is yet another excuse to shutdown discourse or go poking your nose into anything with a slight hypothetical likelihood that it could be occurring.


Developed in early , we started by reaching out and listening to our community. The support we received was overwhelming: FurryMate is a great gift to the community. DysseWildrose I’m advertising FurryMate because this is a wonderful idea. RentRunner This is going to be awesome to find someone.

Forum and website for furries aged to meet and learn about the fandom – Furry Teens – Helping Young Furs Into The Fandom, One Paw At A Time Pardon the ugly front page, but we’re in the middle of a massive overhaul.

If you are a furry, you are probably also aware of how finding like-minded people is not always an easy task. Yes, there are many furries out there, but it is difficult for them to come together. This is where an online social and dating site, known as FurFling, attempts to step in and make meeting fellow furries much easier.

However, can it really be that easy? After all, it first launched in In terms of look and appearance, it has kept up with the times. Its current look provides a modern and sleek face to the world of furries. In the past, users of FurFling complained that the membership base was too small.

Free Hairy Twatter Galleries Collection.

God Hates Furries Godhatesfurries. You’re here because you’re one of three types of people. You’re either a Furry, in which case you’ll want to go to the Contact page so you can learn how to complain about this site. Or, you know nothing about Furries or what they are, so you should head to the About Furries page. Or, you’re not a Furry, you already know what Furries are and you’re here to get the lowdown on how to deal with them OR just laugh at them.

I feel as though we are approaching the point where the people that send emails in to me, which still happens at an astonishing rate, are pretty soon going to be much younger than the website itself.

Summer is a great time to swim, talk to a ghost, and have some exhibition sex! Takeru was enjoying his summer with his ghost friend, Jiba, until the topic of how certain things don’t exist, like .

This is a community for fans of anthropomorphic animals. Here you can share art, news, and participate in discussions about the fandom. When submitting artwork, include the name of the original artist in the title of your post. What if I don’t know who that is? Use a reverse image search. If that doesn’t work, you can ask the subreddit for a source. I am the artist. Do I need to credit myself? If you are the artist, either mentioning it in the title or in the comments will suffice. If using an image hosting site, like imgur, include a link to the original image in the comments.

What if I can’t find the source? Then you should provide a link to the artists gallery or social media account. I am the artist and this is the only source. If you are the artist, you don’t need to provide any additional sources if you don’t want to.

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Furry chat room [public] created by bloodxangel Chat creator: HuskySnowpaws. A place for furries to hang out and chat, and get to know one another. 3 simple golden Rules: First and foremost, you have a block button – use it.

How about just the fun parts and no rejection, and then you get an exceptional, well-matched new pet at the end of it? A new website — now in its beta stage; the full launch is expected soon — aims to bring the least frustrating aspects of looking for love online to the pet rescue market. With his background, and after surveying the most popular pet adoption websites, Lerner thought he could create a “more forward-thinking, user-friendly” website that would “help a lot more pets get adopted,” he recently told HuffPost.

Users have a whole host of preferences they can use when winnowing down potential pets, beyond the standard ones of age, gender and species. The extras include coat length and color; animal size; pets’ grooming needs; if they’re good with dogs, cats or kids; if they can live in an apartment; if they’re vaccinated. You can choose a pet who’s playful or one who likes to sit in laps or one who is both!

You can choose pets by energy level, by the amount of training they’ve had, or how much shedding you can expect once they move in. AllPaws allows users to save searches, mark favorites, share animals on Facebook and Twitter and even send direct messages. No, not to the animals themselves. It’s to the shelters and rescue groups. Forums where pet lovers can interact are in the works.

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