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September 15, Original Completion Date: January 15, Final Completion Date: June 15, Under the: Distribution System Specifications A: The complete documentation is included herein by reference and is attached to the electronic copy of this close out report in whole. The direct purpose of the NEPS is to build the transmission capability of Afghanistan to take competitive advantage of lower cost imported power from the Central Asian Republics CAR s of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, located on Afghanistan s northern border. Within the NEPS activity dual circuit kv transmission lines will be built from each of the CAR countries indicated over the period from to The NEPS development has the potential to expand available electric capacity to Afghanistan from its current level of approximately MW to a total available operating capacity of over MW within 4 years. NEPS represents a relatively quick solution to the electric generating capacity shortage which is inhibiting Afghanistan s economic development. The indirect and broader purpose of the NEPS is to also exhibit to the world community that a commercially self-sustaining transmission entity which integrates commercially viable generation and distribution components along a socio-politically stable energy corridor can be developed in Afghanistan. There are multiple actions, both on-going and dormant, but required, as well as outstanding issues that must still be resolved to make the NEPS a successful development.

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Aaron Harang pitched six innings of one-run ball with seven strikeouts.

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Delivering on Our Commitments2. Net BOE Production vs. Right Strategies7 Chevron Corporation 8. Upstream Has the Right Strategies Grow profitably in core areasand build new legacy positionsAchieve world-class operationalperformanceMaximize and grow theBase BusinessLead the industry in selection andexecution of Major Capital ProjectsAchieve superior ExplorationperformanceIdentify, capture and effectivelyincorporate new core positions 8 Chevron Corporation 9.

Includes oil volumes associated with Athabasca Oil Sands mining. Crude oil extracted through bitumen mining operations is not considered to be an oil and gas producing activity by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Growing the Gas Business Commercialize our equityresource base while growing ahigh-impact global gas businessProgressing the queue of more than10 world-class gas projects Building a global portfolio ofLNG supply Progressing the construction of ourfirst GTL plant Enabling gas business growththrough midstream capabilities 15 Chevron Corporation Effective Execution17 Chevron Corporation Profitable Growth27 Chevron Corporation Malo ’05’06 ’07 ’08 ’09 ’10 ’11 39 Chevron Corporation

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• Responsible for assisting Commissioning and Hook-Up teams in the Hebron platform start-up phase offshore. • Created and managed a witness joint register to assist in the monitoring of critical joints as gas systems were brought : Mechanical Engineer at Frontier .

First discovered in , the offshore oil field is estimated to produce more than million barrels of oil underneath an average of 93 meters feet of water. The Hebron topsides is comprised of drilling, production and utility equipment including living quarters, supported by a stand-alone gravity-based structure GBS that sits on the ocean floor. Construction on the platform started in January When it is estimated to be completed in , it is designed to produce , barrels of oil daily.

As a junior engineer on the Hebron Topsides project, she worked in tandem with staff throughout our Canadian offices on this project for two years. Once on site spent a full day providing construction support. As the eyes and ears on the ground, or at sea, Pynn was required to follow the sequence of construction and regularly provide observations back to the design engineers.

The design engineers may have follow-up questions that would require more detailed information including notes and photos. Communication was bi-directional and collaborate. Her ability to quickly and concisely communicate on site issues allowed the design team to more efficiently provide corrective solutions. With so much at stake, Pynn had to stay focused on one detail at a time and not get too caught up in the massive scope of the project.

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The son of a merchant, he ran his business with a simple motto: Never sell anything you would not want yourself. In Kroger opened his second store. By , the Kroger Grocery and Baking Company had been incorporated. In addition, Kroger became the first grocery chain to have its own bakery.

A dedicated & team oriented oil & gas professional with more than 12 years’ Project Management experience in an onshore and offshore Oil & Gas industries as a Hook‐Up & Commissioning (HUC) Manager, Company Site Representative (CSR), Lead/Senior HUC Engineer, Project Engineer and Instrument Commissioning : Construction / Hook-Up & .

You can see the world while you work on cutting edge projects, while at the same time meeting a lot of people that you will become life long friends with. She also participated in many extra-curricular activities which helped prepare her for her current position. Amanda was in involved in student council both in high school and university , science olympics and public speaking. She feels that her natural interest in math and science, as well as coming from a family of construction workers, drew her towards her chosen career.

Her hours of work are flexible and she usually starts her day around 7: Amanda is currently working in Calgary, Alberta where her commute to work is approximately 15 minutes by car or bus or a minute bike ride. Her typical duties include conceptual studies for oil and gas facilities being built in remote areas, which could include facilities design, cost estimate, schedule estimates and regulatory procedures.

She is also responsible for business planning, recruiting and mentoring new hires. Amanda says that there are few workplace hazards in her position, but field engineers must be aware of typical oil and gas site hazards: To reach her current position, Amanda first completed six engineering work-terms: Amanda says her future career prospects are endless.

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Large aggressive men swarm us causing a mob scene, yelling, jockeying for a position, crowding around the kids. Television can easily make a murder trial — or the travails of a crippled cruise ship — visual and immediate while a modern newspaper must struggle to convey those aspects. Last month, it admitted that contaminated water was leaking into the Pacific Ocean after months of denial.

Wayne Farrell. Hook up lead – Construction at Aker Solutions. Lokalita Marystown, Newfoundland a Labrador, Kanada Obor Ropný a energetický průmysl.

The aircraft crashes, killing all 52 people on board. The bomber is never identified. During filming of the movie The Flight of the Phoenix , American movie stunt pilot Paul Mantz is killed at Winterhaven , California , piloting the Tallmantz Phoenix P-1 — a unique plane built especially for the film — when it breaks in half and crashes after he goes to full throttle to recover from striking a small hillock.

A stuntman standing behind Mantz in the cockpit suffers serious injuries. Air Force’s first aerial victories of the Vietnam War. All 52 people on board survive, although at least three are injured. The victim is a U. August 12 — The United States authorizes Operation Iron Hand air missions in Vietnam to detect and suppress enemy surface-to-air-missile sites. The early Iron Hand strikes result in many losses to the attacking American aircraft.

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Since the beginning and all humanity. Ol Doinyo Lengai is the only volcano on the planet that spits out natrocarbonatite lava, which is rich in sodium and potassium carbonates, nyerereite and gregoryite. In other words, it’s much saltier than the more common silicate-rich lava. And that needs to be set out with absolute clarity in a language that people understand.

The tattoo appears to be an unidentifiable phrase written in Arabic script.

23 years of Global Project Management Team (PMT) experience completing Project Execution, Project Engineering, Module Integration, Commissioning, RFSU and Start-Up Management with an extensive Technical background and a Deep Understanding of Onshore and Offshore Midstream and Upstream Oil and Gas / LNG facilities, supported by a further

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Hebron: Oil rig tow out is stalled again.